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I met this mama when I was working with NJ Midwives, photographing moms and their babies who were part of the postpartum program. After our mini session together, she ended up setting up a fall session. It was so wonderful to see her and the baby again, to meet her husband and her “first baby,” her pup.

I am used to chasing around young kids, so it can be funny how much simpler a session is when the child is immobile. This little guy was so happy and go-with-the-flow the entire time. He was juuuust learning how to sit by himself so we had to have a spotter nearby whenever we propped him up. One of these times was to get a picture of “the kids.” Both of them were so well-behaved!

This family is so smitten with their little babe and it is so sweet to see. Almost all of their photos are of them just looking lovingly at the baby, laughing as he makes his cute faces, and watching expectedly to see what he does next. I remember those early days when I had one baby and all of my attention could be spent doting on her. That seems like a lifetime ago, but it was so pure and beautiful. And I am always reminded of those days when I see families in that same stage— just starting their families and enjoying the ride as they see where it all goes.

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