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My client aka roomie from college has wanted a cherry blossom family session since I started my photography business but, like it does sometimes, life got in the way. This year, we got it on the calendar months ago. And then, since cherry blossoms are at the mercy of Mother Nature and are not guaranteed at a certain date, began the stress and crossing of fingers that the date we picked would actually WORK. Add in some crazy storms and you have got the perfect mix of fixation for me… obsessively checking the forecast and constantly driving by different areas to see how the trees are looking. Luckily, in Morris County the blooms start and end later than where she lives in Bergen County. The date got switched around a few times but we ended up making. it. happen.

The weather was still a bit fickle, but we had umbrellas and a sunny disposition (see what I did there) so it was still glorious. I felt like we were in an enchanted forest with the cherry blossom petals blanketing the ground on the pathway of trees. I haven’t seen this family in person since before covid so it was a long overdue reunion. The most fun parts of the session were towards the end when the kids and parents took turns gathering petals and then throwing them up in the air on top of each other. Mom and dad also did some “branch shakes” to make it rain petals onto the kids. (disclaimer: no trees were harmed in the making of these photos) I’m so glad I could make this happen for this amazing mama and her family 🙂

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