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First Communion Photos

A few years ago, when I started my photography business, this mom was one of the first clients to book a session with me. She booked a communion session for her daughter and then— the world was shut down. Luckily, a few months later the event was put back onto the calendar and we were able to have a lovely session. Now, two years later, I had the privilege of photographing her younger son on his First Communion day. And it is wild how different things are looking now. Our biggest issue this time around was making sure it wouldn’t be raining!

This guy looked so handsome in his suit and he had a beautiful religious pin with his name on it that he proudly wore. One of my favorite things that I learned at the session was that this family planted a tree on either side of their driveway for each of their children. These trees happened to be flowering so I was able to capture some beautiful photos of T. next to “his” tree.

My client’s sister and her family were in town and staying with them, so we were also able to work in the cousins for a few pictures. I loved seeing how much everyone has grown! The older sister, who seemed so small and quiet two years ago, was so confident. At the end of the session, when my client asked if she could also get a photo of her daughter next to “her” tree, she struck this cute “hands on hip” pose. It’s so sweet how girls just start doing that when they reach a certain age, isn’t it?

The weather worked with us, it was a perfect session and I am sure this crew had a great day spent with family and friends— and what a blessing that we can have these kinds of celebrations again 🙂

first communion photos

First Communion Pictures

First Communion Mini Session

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