h & l families ~ cousin play time


I went to college with one of the moms at this session and she had reached out to me pre-quarantine to set up a session so that she could gift her mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift— a photo of her grandchildren (ideally all looking at the camera at the same time, haha!). This was put on hold obviously but I am so happy we were finally able to make this session happen.

The little cousins are now all over a year old which added a really fun(ny) dynamic to the session. Our first attempt was to put all three of the kids on the blanket. Two of them are walking and one is still crawling, so the second the parents dropped them onto the blanket, one of them (at least) was already escaping. My friend’s sister’s husband wasn’t able to make it to the session, so there ended up being three adults and three children. I feel like we needed another two adults! Each adult had to try to grab one kid, plop them down and run out of the photo…over and over. It was actually very funny. Luckily they are a laid back family, so they didn’t seem to get stressed out by this at all.

Eventually, we did get pictures of these cuties! They get to all hang out together most days of the week at their grandparents’ house, so I can only imagine the very special bond they will have as they grow up together. We finished the session with family photos of my friend, her husband and their adorable twin boys. Let me tell you, these parents are absolute rock stars. Twins are the cutest, but my mind just goes to the, “how’s?” How do you ever sleep? How do you ever get anything done? How do you go anywhere by yourself (with the babies)? These parents are NAILING it and I loved getting to capture the love this family has for one another.




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