b family ~ bridges, butterfly gardens, and dancing


This mom reached out to me recently, knowing I was probably booked for the season, but to let her know if I had any available time slots turn up since she couldn’t make it to my holiday mini sessions (which are also now sold out, ahh!) She kept seeing all of my posts popping up and it made her want a session asap. She is a previous client and I love her family so I was so bummed out that I didn’t have any time to give her. But lo and behold, I had a client who had to move her session because her child was sick (which was very sad— the girl is ok now!) so I reached back out to this mom and asked, “are you free in two days?!” She made it happen! And not only that, but her family looked amazing and I was so impressed that she was able to get everything together (mainly the outfits) on such short notice.

At one point during the session, we decided to do a pose (the little boy on his dad’s back) that we did last year as a fun contrast. The day after the session I looked through the pictures from last year and it was crazy how much the kids have grown! Last year, the little boy still had a chubby little toddler’s body and this year, he stretched out and looks like a big boy. The brother and sister still have such a sweet relationship— they were always hugging and kissing each other in the photos without me even having to ask them to do it.

Its was a beautiful, fun session and I am so happy that I was able to squeeze it in. This is one of the kindest families I have ever met and I love watching them have fun together 🙂

PS— Here is their session from last year if you want to see how they have grown!




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