baby L ~ 2 weeks new

This little boy was so perfect for his session. He didn’t wake up until the very end of the session when we were just taking some bonus pictures. The session was about 45 minutes away and it was pretty dark as I was driving there. I kept thinking, “please get lighter, please get lighter,” and then as soon as I got close, my wish came true. It also really helped that this family lived in a house that gets amazing light. We opened all the shades and it was indoor light GOALS in there.

Mom and dad were both thrilled to be new parents. I noticed on their October calendar, they had written in “Baby Month!!” at the top and I just love that. They also had big brother pup to think about. He was a bundle of energy and we had to get a little creative to work him into some of the family photos (a carefully placed treat at times, me waving a treat above my head with one hand and holding my camera with the other). I have a feeling those two boys will be having a LOT of fun together in a few more months (when the baby is slightly less fragile haha).

I loved getting to meet this family and capture this special moment in their lives. I have the best job!

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