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I have been in talks with this mama for a long time about this session. We knew it was going to happen eventually! What was possibly a newborn session turned into a summer session and then a fall session… and it was perfect! I knew I was going to love this family— they clearly all love each other so much.

During the planning of this session, this mom had a vision. The photo she wanted above all was one with she and her husband holding their boys, with everyone’s faces close together. She had the decor of a room all worked around this to-be-blown-up photo! So I made sure that we tackled that one first. And it was glorious! Everyone understood the assignment. The rest of the session was a breeze once I knew we had nailed that first pose. And there was so much more photo goodness to come, with so many sweet moments between mom and dad and the boys. The only hiccup was that the location was an open field and it turned out that mom did not like bugs. She was a trooper though and did all the buggy things— walked through tall grasses and kneeled down to the ground to tickle one of the boys. Hopefully it was all worth it haha!

By the end of this session, we all left as friends and I am so looking forward to working with this family many more times in the future 🙂

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Morris County Family Photographer

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