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Chester NJ Family Photography little girl

We had an epic cake smash planned. The two kids were both celebrating birthdays this month and everyone was going to get in on it. When the family arrived to the session, I thought mom was going to cry. “I forgot the cake!” she whispered.

I assured her that we would still have a superfun session and get amazing pictures! Isn’t that sort of the goal of motherhood? Going easy on yourself when you inevitably forget something (let’s be honest, moms have about 5 million things that they are trying to remember every second… I could write a book about this. Butttt my brain is too much on overdrive to actually do it) and then redirecting, setting up new expectations, and trying to move forward joyfully. Being a mom is REALLY hard. And it is even harder when you feel like you blew it.

This mom recovered gracefully and we did have a beautiful session. She did not bring any of that energy into the session. She was happy; she played with the kids; she made them laugh, she was comfortable and relaxed (even despite the mosquitoes, which is a whole other story) I love this family because they are always so natural and sweet together— and their pictures show it! So, if you forget the cake, the bow, the belt, couldn’t find the right shoes… don’t worry. Just don’t forget the kids and we will always still make the magic.

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NJ Family Photographer little boy

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