b family ~ family session in Nazareth, PA


A loving grandma and friend of a friend reached out to me because she wanted photos with her grandchildren (I feel like we are onto something with this!). The catch was that she lives in PA. We put the session on hold until recently, when I told her that I would be location scouting in her neck of the woods. We met at Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center, a gorgeous historic site and park. I had so much fun watching this family interact and play together!

The grandparents showed up first, so there was a bit of quiet time for me to take pictures of just the two of them before the “wiggly worms” (as their mom calls them) showed up. The older grandson was very into superheroes and definitely had a signature pose that he liked to do. The younger guy is almost a year old and enjoys being mobile— he tried to escape every chance he could get! There were crazy moments (mainly the ones where we were trying to keep everyone in one place), sweet moments, like picking some flowers for mom, and adventurous moments, like climbing through fallen tree branches to get to the creek so the boys could dip their feet in.

We ended the show with a quick costume change (mom had a “raising gentlemen” shirt and dad had an “exhaust*dad” shirt) and some more tickling, wrangling and laughing. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!




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