baby A ~ luckiest little brother ever

When this mom reached out to me to schedule newborn pictures for her new little babe who was due in a few months, her number one priority was getting sweet pictures of her girls with their new baby. When I arrived to the session, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect because I didn’t know this family and they weren’t a referral— she had found me online. As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted by energetic, kind, excited, beautiful (and matching!) sisters who couldn’t wait to meet me and tell me all about their new baby brother. They were ages 5 and 3 and clearly great friends (most of the time, as it goes with siblings!). During our time together, they introduced me to their American Girl dolls, showed me a few of their toys, and I even got to preview their Halloween costumes! (It was Halloween, after all)

We started the session with their pictures so that they could get out of their dresses and into more comfortable clothes. To say that they “nailed it” is an understatement. They were cooperative and so loving— thrilled that all they had to do was cuddle close, hold their little brother tight, and give him kisses and hugs. Then, while I was taking solo shots of their brother, they even got some magical alone time with their mom(!) who read them stories while I worked. After a little bit, they went and played in their playroom, giving me the opportunity to chat with mom. As most moms know, it can be very therapeutic talking to other moms, trading stories (good and bad) and knowing that you are not alone. Since this mom’s kids were all around the same ages as mine, it was really nice for ME getting to talk about different things, especially since I joke with my friends (but am I joking?) that my only social life these days is hanging out with my clients because I have been so busy.

It was a great, relaxing way to start Halloween before all of the craziness of dressing up and trick or treating ensued!

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