b family ~ adventures in Mt. Olive


When this mom and I were figuring out a location for her family session, I offered a few different “feels.” As soon as I mentioned an adventure-type session, she was all ears. I love when there is exploring involved because it gives the kids something to focus on and also incorporates movement and multiple scenes. The thing is… I had just gotten completely lost in this location a few days before with ALL FOUR of my kids, so I also liked to think of this as me conquering my fears (lol). THAT is another story though.

We went searching for a hidden lake, found a bird sanctuary with tons of bird houses (the little girl knocked on all of the ones that she could reach to see if anyone was home), and then found the biggest caterpillar I have ever seen on our walk back to the cars. I feel very proud of myself because I was the one who spotted it and I would like to think this part of the session was a real highlight for the kids, haha. Apparently, the little girl is a huge bug fanatic, so it was allllll good. She scooped him up and then carried him around like a little caterpillar prince until we convinced her NOT to take him home with her.

I would also like to note how adorable this brother and sister are. She grabbed his hand and they walked together (without me even asking!) along the path to the lake. They were very playful together too, in a teasing-sibling kind of way. I loved getting to spend an adventurous evening with them and was so happy we were able to sneak in the session before the rain started. Plus, we did get some shots with that dark and moody sky!




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