a romantic courthouse wedding


Talk about beautiful. I took pictures for this mom/now-wife and her daughter during my Mother’s Day mini sessions. So when she reached out to me and asked if I would also photograph her courthouse wedding, I was thrilled. This was a first for me, but I do love mixing things up every once in awhile so that I can stay creatively fueled. We met at the courthouse in Sparta and then made our way over to the Lake Mohawk boardwalk.

When I was checking in with the bride the week before to make sure we were all set with times/locations/etc., I mentioned to her that I had one of those clear plastic umbrellas. She was so excited! I said that hopefully we wouldn’t need to use it but her response was, “I think it would be good luck if it rains.” How much do you love that?!

The morning of the wedding, it was foggy and misty, and I just knew that my bride was loving it. (read: we got to use the umbrella but it wasn’t totally necessary— which was perfect!) I was also very happy about the cloudy weather, since a lot of the boardwalk is in very harsh sun during the day. Now I could position everyone wherever I wanted. I wasn’t able to take pictures inside during the actual ceremony, but I waited outside for when they emerged. Their little girl was so cute and I absolutely loved her mini-bride look. She was also very excited about her sparkly shoes.

It was such a romantic morning and this married bride and groom now have luck on their side. I am sure that they had the best day and will hopefully share a lifetime of happiness.




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