y family ~ they say it’s your birthday


The adorable level on this session was off the charts. I took photos for this family when their little girl was born and it was so much fun to see her again… now walking! She was definitely way happier when she was on the move (or when I was on the move. Yes, I was sweating profusely by the end of this, but it was worth it haha).

We decided to go with a garden/flower vibe and this mom totally nailed it. Between the outfits and the props, I feel like I should hire her as my assistant. The colors all worked so beautifully together. Add in a few killer smiles and we had a winner of a session!

We ended the party with a cake smash. This was a funny one. I’m not sure how much cake she actually ate, but she really enjoyed playing with it. She started out as most 1 year olds do… a bit timidly. A finger swipe. Another. Then a handful. And finally she just grabbed the entire cake, pulled it off of the cake stand and started throwing pieces of it all around. She had a great time! And isn’t that what really matters? As mom said, “No amount of wipes in the world can clean this.” The things we do for awesome photos 😛




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