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I am sure having a studio has many perks, but I love being outdoors and I love mixing up locations. It keeps my creative mind engaged… plus it really is wild how different locations can look at various times of the year. Aside from the fact that the sun sets in different places in the spring vs. the fall, just the overall landscape changes. So even the same location can feel like a different one from one month to the next. I hadn’t been to this location in a few months and forgot how beautiful it is in the fall. The flowers were all on point. This mom wanted flowers and the gardens DELIVERED.

I went to high school with this mom and we played volleyball together. It has been such a pleasure for me to watch her family grow and to be the one to capture these moments for her each year. Since the year I started my business, she has supported me, both in booking her own sessions and in telling all of her friends and family about me. She always has referral credits to use for her own sessions! Her kids, as you can see, are the absolute cutest. They love to be tickled and to play with each other. And they just love their mom and dad more than anything! I always enjoy linking last year’s session when I remember (lol) so that you can see just how much the kids grow each year. Here it is.

As we head into fall and towards holidays specifically built around being thankful, I can’t help but just feel so grateful to my clients for always supporting me, for being my biggest cheerleaders as I grow, sometimes shifting gears in the process, and for letting me in to see and capture these special moments you share with those closest to you.

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