p family ~ laughter, joy and puppies


I have known the father of this family for a few years, as he was the realtor we used when we sold our first home in Rahway and bought our dream home in Roxbury. He is known as the “aggressive” realtor in Union County because he gets it done. He is incredible at marketing and never gives up. I have been Facebook friends with him ever since and have loved watching his kids grow up and seeing how he is just as dedicated a family man as he is a realtor. I was excited to finally meet these people who I felt like I had already known for a long time.

His family is blended, yet you would never know it by spending time with them. It is apparent just how close they all are right away. They are constantly cracking jokes and making each other laugh but in such a positive, “build everyone up” sort of way. And the dogs are another huge part of the family (literally!) When the dad was setting up the session with me (as a Christmas gift for his fiancé… cue: “awww!”) he wanted to make sure the timing worked out so that their newest puppy had arrived, since he was already a big part of the family. Well, he arrived that morning so he was as fresh as they come! The kids loved holding and loving on him (especially the youngest). Basically this session was filled with love, was super relaxed, and was the perfect way for me to wrap up my 2020 family sessions!




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