m family ~ front porch session


I had never met this family before but I had a feeling they were going to be a lot of fun…and I was right. The little boy, who is 2, loves dinosaurs, flying like an airplane, and ROARing, so what isn’t to love? His parents were more than willing to fly around with him like an airplane, have races across the lawn, and give him lots of tickles. (These are the parts of quarantine that I love! There is something about being “stuck at home” that forces you to get creative and do things in your yard that maybe you wouldn’t have done if you could go to the park or to a friend’s house.)

The bonus was that since we had to move the date of the session because of bad weather, the grandparents were ALSO at the house. And no one escapes my camera! So, I was able to capture some truly precious moments between the little boy and his grandparents, with whom he has a visibly special relationship.




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