l family ~ party of four


This family is the best. The mom reached out to me months ago and asked about doing a maternity and then newborn session. The only issue that we ended up having is that her due date was two days before mine. Normally, I do newborn sessions 2 weeks after a baby is born and I knew that the timing here was going to be tricky! They were super flexible though and as soon as I was physically ready to do the session, we got it on the calendar.

When I arrived, the older sister was still napping and I had some solo time with the little man. Well, he wasn’t so little. He was almost 11 lbs at 3 weeks old. He didn’t even fit into one of the props that I brought! He was so sweet though. Even though he was still wide awake when I first arrived, he was happy 🙂 After he fell asleep, he stayed that way for the rest of the session. And once his big sister woke up, we got so many cute sibling and family pictures.

I love watching this family play together. Since I spent time with them for the maternity and newborn sessions, I had two opportunities to do this. Their daughter is a little shy at first, but they could always get her to smile and laugh. I am excited to watch these kids grow… I am sure they will be the best of friends before long.




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