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Do you remember this beautiful family? They had their beautiful baby girl and I got to meet her last weekend! This mom, after bringing the baby home from the hospital, admit that it was a challenging transition with her older son getting used to his new sister. I am sure I have shared this before, but this brought me right back to when I brought home my second baby. To a very specific memory actually— of me standing in my older daughter’s room, trying to rock her to sleep only days after I gave birth (you are not supposed to be lifting anything!) I was exhausted, I was still healing, and I was having a really hard time being there for both babies in the way that they needed me. My older daughter was just writhing in my arms because she was so unhappy. I couldn’t get her to go sleep and I was in pain even trying. She had a lot of feelings and was too young to understand them. It was REALLY hard. Being a mom is really hard! And it is crazy how for me as a newborn and family photographer, as I talk and share stories with all of these other moms, I am taken right back to very specific memories of my own… some incredible and some, well, hard.

So as this particular mom only hinted at the challenge that she was experiencing, I could read between the lines. I shared with her that for me, it was only that hard for about 2 weeks. And I believe that she could say the same because by the time I arrived at her house last weekend, big brother was amazing with his little sister. He was so sweet, he was interested in her, he gave her kisses and hugs. At the end of the session, he even let us place her in his arms (while being spotted, of course!) Baby girl was an angel throughout the entire session. I feel like she already looks so much like her older brother. I am excited to see them grow— surely to be close friends. Siblings are gifts! Even if the older one is too young to see that right away 🙂

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