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A huge part of what makes this family so lovable is that they are so REAL. And the parents are the first ones to tell you what that reality looks like. It is loud. It is messy. It involves a lot of wrestling. But watching the way these boys’ eyes light up when they run to their parents, or kiss their mom, give her a flower, talk to their dad about swimming or sailing or ask him for a piggy back ride— it’s everything.

Whenever I have a session with this family, we always walk away with some good stories. And things that would really stress out most normal people (that inevitably happen during the session) become funny jokes that we remember and tell (See, even if THIS happens, you can still get a gallery of amazing pictures and in this case— a cry-worthy family film to boot!)

Speaking of the family film, this is something that I am slowly rolling out as an offering and I am so excited about it. My goal is for you to look at your photos from our session together and FEEL something. I want you to be taken back to that moment, that time in your life. Video is speaking to my heart right now with its ability to draw you right into a slice of time. I cannot say enough what an incredible keepsake it is to have alongside of your photos. When I sent this mama the link to her film, she told me, “I just cried my eyes out!” And to be honest, I cry watching it too. These short films take so long to put together because I am trying to bring the viewer into this family’s story…and in turn, I become very invested in that story myself <333 Bring it on, fall!

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