h family ~ bump to baby


Remember that epic maternity session that I had in February, right after the major snowstorm, where I was making the parents-to-be climb through snow drifts to get to beautiful light? Well, they had their baby boy and he is even cuter than I could have imagined.

As I arrived to the session and began to look around and seek out our “best spots,” I noticed that the new mom was wearing jeans. What?! What new mom is able to wear jeans to her newborn session? As a mom myself who has been down this road, I was incredibly impressed. She looked amazing and was just shining in her new role. It was also so sweet watching the new dad, who was ready at any opportunity to jump in and help with the baby. We DID let him take a nap during the session, which I think he very much appreciated. (Newborn sleep is the absolute worst, amiright?!) I offered the same to mom, but she opted to stay with me to observe and assist.

This little boy was so good. After he fell asleep, he was out for the entire rest of the session. He let me change his positions, his wraps and who was holding him without even a peep. (side note… my own in-utero babe was even kicking him as I was doing these things) My favorite part of the session was when I had him in a little basket with a fur surrounding him— the way he was laying squished his cheeks so they were even cuter than normal. Mom and I couldn’t get over it!

I know I have said it before and I will surely say it again, but I absolutely love doing maternity/newborn combination sessions. Seeing the parents at the maternity session, when they are so excited and expectant (and even a little nervous) and then seeing how natural they end up being as parents is just so special. I love capturing both ends of the spectrum. Becoming a parent is a major life transition and the “before” and “after” are both such incredible moments to freeze in time.




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