c family ~ baby sister joins the crew


As I arrived to this newborn session, I was privileged to receive a full tour of the house by newly appointed big brother. We stopped in each of the upstairs rooms, where he showed me different toys and books— and even his mom’s stuffed animal from when SHE was a baby. Then we went back downstairs to the family room, where I would be taking the posed photos of the baby. Big brother and his parents played on the other side of the room while I was wrapping and rocking the baby. He kept making me laugh because as I would lay her in the tiny bed or place her in the bucket, he got such a kick out of it and kept laughing and saying, “That’s a teeny bed!” and then going back to playing. He was so cute and kept me smiling throughout the entire session 🙂

This baby was actually only 6 days old and she was so incredibly sweet. She was wide awake when I arrived but then, once she fell into a sound sleep, she was out for the rest of the session. I was really looking forward to doing the sibling photos because this big brother was clearly obsessed with his baby sister. He nuzzled her cheeks and gave her kisses whenever he had the opportunity. This was a very different experience than when I brought home my second child from the hospital— my oldest was definitely jealous of all the attention the baby was getting. I knew I would have a cooperative big sibling (for once, haha!) and I was not disappointed… he was happy to hold his little sister and give her all the kisses that I asked him to give her.

These two kids are so lucky and so loved. Their mom and dad seemed so relaxed. Before my newborn sessions, I always prepare the parents by having them follow a series of steps to help ensure that the baby is happy and sleepy when I arrive. One of those steps is feeding the baby right before I get there. The day before the session, I was double checking on the time with the mom and she was so flexible; she told me to just text her 10-15 minutes before I got there and she would feed the baby then. I told her reminded me of the first child/second child commercial and she said she was feeling that! I can’t wait to (hopefully) watch these two siblings become best buddies as they grow older.




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