h family ~ baby girl enters the scene


This family is the cutest. The parents have a set of twin boys who will be 2 years old in August and just had their first baby girl. I think the dad would have 10 kids if it were up to him, haha. The boys are at a fun (and unpredictable!) age, but luckily they have each other as their new baby sister enters the picture. When I brought home my second daughter from the hospital, my oldest one seriously hated her. She was confused and angry and not talking well yet, so she couldn’t express those emotions. At least these boys have a built-in best friend during this big moment in their lives.

Normally, I try to do newborn sessions when the baby is around 2 weeks old, but since I am running out of time (almost time to meet Baby Esposito!), we set up this session in about 24 hours haha. Baby girl was an angel during the session— and only 5 days old. She fell into a deep sleep immediately and went along with everything I wanted her to do. The boys were not really into taking pictures. They just wanted to play outside. We still tricked them into a few.

I was so happy to be able to sneak in this session. Aside from the fact that I have been *trying* to stay busy during these past few weeks especially, I just love newborn sessions and sweet squishy babies. This little lady definitely got me even more excited for the coming weeks ahead!




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