b family ~ family session in the gardens


The majority of my clients are families with young kids, so when these parents reached out to me, I was excited to work with them. Their oldest is graduating high school this year and their youngest is 9. I knew I wouldn’t be able to ask them to all tickle each other, haha! As soon as I met them, I could tell that the session would still be a lot of fun, since it was apparent right away that they all get along and have a great time together.

They reminded me of my family growing up— with a lot of kids and a lot of goofing off. The best part was that the parents were both like big kids themselves, enjoying the kids’ antics and even joining in. They were giving the oldest son a hard time for his “fake smile” and trying to make him laugh (for a more natural smile) constantly. Half the time, they were making loud, funny noises and half the time, they were whispering things that I couldn’t hear and then laughing hysterically. Hey, it all worked!

The location and light were gorgeous this evening and the family’s contagious energy was equally as special. I love working with families that have so much fun together. It always shines through in the photos and just makes me realize more than ever that I really have the best job!




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