d family ~ family session in Lawrenceville


So believe it or not, this dad is my financial advisor! My husband and I were nervously telling him about a home improvement project we are about to embark on (like little kids telling their parents that they just did something bad, hah!). He was NOT mad at us (lol) but before we even got that far, we were justifying ourselves by telling him that I will be using my photography profits towards the project and he basically stopped us there. He wanted to book a session! I was so excited because I have known him for over 15 years and have heard him speak of his growing family along the way.

I had a blast getting to know all of “his girls”— there was a lot of personality there. His daughters were very into their poses and his eldest kept doing different things and asking me to take pictures. The youngest was wary of me in the beginning of the session, so we were trying different tactics to get her to warm up. Even though she was crying in some of the earlier photos, I thought it was so sweet that her older sisters kept trying to distract her, make her laugh, and give her kisses.

I know everyone loves the “looking at the camera and smiling” pictures (and I totally get that) but *I* love the pictures that reflect reality (in a focused and artistic way). The reality is that the youngest girl was not super into being in pictures for parts of the session. The other reality is that because of that, I was able to truly see the bond between these sisters and THAT was beautiful to me.

And we did eventually get her to smile. 🙂




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