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In December, I took this family to a beautiful garden for their maternity photos. Then in January, they welcomed their handsome little man and I took their newborn photos in their home. Fast forward to March, and I received an email from this mom that said, “Don’t think I’m crazy, but I would love to schedule another session…” She went on to say how different the baby already looked and they would love to book a session where they did their maternity photos. (See here) I loved the idea. We scheduled for mid-May, when the baby would be 4 months old. She is a mom who doesn’t like photos of her baby on social media, so I hadn’t seen him at all since the newborn session and I was so excited to see how much he had grown!

Well, the little guy did not disappoint. He was in all of his 4 month baby-squish glory. Both parents just seemed so comfortable and relaxed— besides the fact that this was now their third session with me in 6 months, they just seemed so comfortable with parenthood. Mom wanted a photo of her nursing the baby and those are some of my favorites from the session. The backdrop of the garden just adds to the beauty. (I think especially since I just closed out my own nursing journey with my last baby, I was feeling a bit sentimental about these.)

One of my other favorite parts about going to this location with this family is that the dad is finishing up his degree in landscape design (or something along those lines) so he goes into the garden knowing all of the different flower types and probably getting a lot of great ideas to tuck away for future use! I loved sneakily snapping a few photos of him holding the baby and “showing him” the different flowers.

I absolutely love that I was able to capture so many special moments for this family over the past year. Adding a baby to the mix, especially a first baby, just changes everything. In the best possible way. And I am here for it 🙂

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