c family ~ blustery family session


Isn’t it funny how every year, despite knowing they are coming, the cooler temperatures take you by surprise? It becomes challenging with family sessions, too, because parents pick out such adorable outfits for their kids and hope that they don’t have to throw on jackets. These parents were prepared and brought a blanket to wrap around the girls whenever I wasn’t snapping pictures, but the wind, especially at the beginning of the session, was… a nuisance haha.

These sisters though, were so incredibly sweet. My heart was warm! They hugged each other for pictures and showed each other different rocks that they found. Speaking of rocks, I don’t know what rock I was under for the few days before the session but I was not expecting so many puddles and so much mud. If my kids were there, there would be absolutely no chance that they would be clean by the end of the session but again, these sisters were perfect and they stayed pristine for the entire session. We even got to see 4 or 5 horses walk right by us at the reservation! The look of wonder in the girls’ eyes as they watched these magnificent animals pass by was so fun to watch. As the session ended, they were off to get a special treat (hot chocolate, according to the dad) and have a “picnic dinner” on the car ride home. I was tempted to ask if I could join!




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