my maternity session


Some of you may be wondering if someone else took my maternity photos. Or how I was able to take them myself. Or maybe you are just here to see a few more!

First of all, when I do sessions with my own family, it is not always the magical experience that shows through in the photos. Perhaps that will make some of you feel better if your own family session was challenging in whatever way haha. I have to be ready to try many different ideas, we have emergency snacks, and we are not above bribing. Ask any photographer— #photographerkidsyndrome is a thing. Our kids might hate being in photos more than yours!

Secondly, for any photos that my husband was not in, I got the camera all set with the settings I wanted for the shot, told him where to stand and how to shoot, and then he clicked the shutter for me. For all of the family photos where we were all in the frame, I have a tripod and remote that I use. The remote has two pieces: one that connects to the camera and one that has a button that one of us pushes to make the camera click the shutter for us. Sometimes we use this as a bribe too: “If you are good for some pictures, you can click the button a few times.” You can also set up your camera’s timer, but that requires a lot more getting up and down. And running into place. Not good for a super pregnant person haha.

Here are some of my favorites from the session. Enjoy!








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