m family ~ castle grounds


I wanted to try a new and visually interesting spot for this session since it was going to be a cloudy evening. The setting was definitely very cool and we were the only people here (until the end, when a car with tinted windows and music blasting sped up the hill and the mysterious driver just stayed in the car until we were leaving).

These new parents are also my cousins which means that yes, I get to be related to that cute little chunky babe. It was so special for me to have the opportunity to watch this mom and dad in their new role. The baby was very sleepy and a little cranky because we were keeping him from being able to get the sleep that he wanted. But mom and dad were so great with him and were able to keep him pretty happy. He loved when they would talk to him and look right into his eyes. We also learned that he really wasn’t a huge fan of shoes. He had these adorable little shoes on his feet in the beginning of the session but we ditched those in an attempt to keep the peace. I think he appreciated that 😛 Why do babies hate shoes? It is a mystery that we may never solve.

Thanks for a fun night, M family! It’s not every Tuesday that you get to walk around the outside of a castle with the cutest family ever.




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