d family ~ bringing two worlds together


This sweet boy was a peanut. He was less than 7 pounds and always wanted to be curled up in a little ball. One of the things I love most about newborns is how they will hold onto your finger. This cutie was happy to hold onto his mom and dad the whole time 🙂

This family lives in New York City, so we set the session up for when they would be visiting NJ for the weekend. It is interesting— this is actually my 3rd newborn session this year where we were at the grandparents’ house. Go figure!

We were able to incorporate some special elements into the session, like flags from both the U.S. and Norway. This little babe’s mom lived in Norway for most of her life, until she fell in love with the man of her dreams. They were actually separated for many months at the beginning of covid. It was then that they decided they couldn’t be apart any longer. How beautiful is that?! I just love their story and I know that their little man will love it one day, too.




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